“I spent the whole day shopping with Lynne in Tunbridge Wells after putting some weight on (I am a size 14) and having lost my way somewhat with my style. I am in my early 30s and wanted some smart casual pieces which would crossover from work to weekend. Lynne was excellent at sticking to the brief and the budget and at suggesting future investment pieces. She was calm and warm but also decisive, and encouraging but not pushy, and most importantly listened (I said I didn’t want anything sleeveless and not once did she try to make me try any sleeveless things).

She also spent time asking questions about me and my lifestyle, what I do and discussing colours. We went to a mixture of boutiques and well known shops and I feel I got good value for money. I didn’t feel there were any awkward silences and Lynne was very open and happy to answer my many questions. I look forward to booking in again later in the year and adding to my current items. Thanks again for a wonderful experience Lynne!”


“I’m shouting out a stylist friend @styling_matters who has helped me enormously by doing a wardrobe edit and in-depth colour consultation – she is brilliant and has saved me £££ as I don’t make costly mistakes anymore – thanks Lynne you’re amazing – go follow her on Instagram – I love seeing what she wears every day”

Anna Hayman of Anna Hayman Designs

“I just got home and before I enter the door of my house and become Mummy again I just wanted to say a massive thank you for today!! It really has made my year this shopping trip! Seeing Anna’s shop and getting some lovely and practical pieces I can wear over the winter months is such a treat. Not to mention the great company as always!! Thank you so much for being flexible and allowing me to have some special me time. It’s already feel happier and more positive! See you in the New Year!”


“I have been meaning to send a message to you for, quite literally, months. Today I keep seeing your name and I’m spurred into action. Thank you so much for your expertise, gentle manner and lovely company on our shopping trip earlier this year. I learnt so much about my colours and style and was so happy with my (rather too many) purchases! I have been putting all your expert advice into action and seem to be getting it right more often than wrong.Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for the huge boost to my confidence in how I look. The clothes matter, but I feel I now wear them with the knowledge that I look ok. When that feeling fades, I’ll be back for more of your magic! With love and best wishes.”



“I have been wanting to ‘do something’ about my wardrobe for some time but it always falls to the bottom of the to do list. A day with Lynne meant I had a commitment to myself that was in the diary. I was somewhat dreading going through my clothes and trying things on for someone I didn’t know, but Lynne’s approach and demeanour made it feel so easy and relaxed.She is authentic and genuine, gentle yet honest with what she says. I found that I got rid of things with ease, even though that wasn’t the initial intention, and she never made it feel like it was something I had to do. Lynne put me firmly in the driving seat (which is where I like to be). Before meeting Lynne, I knew quite a lot about which colours suited me but she took that a step further, enlightening me to the extent I now even understand which variations of the same colours work and which don’t. I’ve also learnt a lot more about which shapes work and which don’t, even where seamlines flatter me and which don’t.


Lynne introduced me to shops I’ve walked straight past year after year and because she knows everyone it feels like you’re popping around to a friend’s house for a cuppa rather than shopping (I hate shopping). Added to which I didn’t have to wade through racks of clothes to find anything, she knows what’s sold where so goes straight to it saving all the effort. Thanks Lynne for a fun, indulgent and relaxed day with some lovely new clothes and an organised wardrobe to show for it.”


“Many thanks for Saturday, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and I am very happy with my purchases. I think a summer wardrobe shopping day could be a very good idea! I will be in touch.”


“I’ve always been a clueless shopper. My wardrobe is full of items which I thought were a good idea at the time, but have never had more than a couple of outings. I’ve consistently taken the “I know best” approach and disregarded my wife’s advice. I’ve always found shopping for clothes a miserable ordeal. So my very patient wife recommended a day out with Lynne, and without question, it was the best shopping day I’ve ever had. Rather than being at best tolerable, it was really enjoyable. Lynne is so patient, took time to understand how I want to look, and has an amazing eye for colour, shading, texture and shape. She knows the ideal retailers to go to, and the right brands (often relatively obscure but top quality). Within a few hours I had a good number of items that I  feel incredibly comfortable wearing, and has made me feel so much more confident, both in terms of shopping for myself in the future, and socially. In addition, Lynne is great company and made me feel completely relaxed about the day. I can’t recommend this service enough!”


“It was literally the best present I have ever been given. Even above…or on a level with … the 4ct diamond ring I received for my 50th! That is the honest truth.. what is the point of a fabulous ring when I was wearing dowdy, dull worn clothes in the wrong colour and shape.. all of which made me look older, bigger and sallow skinned. I know I keep thanking you.. but I feel so youthful and more attractive now.”


“You are the best teacher – I’ve learnt so much in the years you’ve been my personal stylist. It’s saved me a fortune, and a lot of time and stress too. Now my wardrobe is super organised, life is much easier. I look better, plus I have discovered my inner rock chick and I love that! It’s been a lot of fun along the way too. Thank you Lynne. Love you for empowering women everywhere” xxx


“I had thought for some time that I needed professional help with a thorough wardrobe edit but it wasn’t until I actually met Lynne that I knew for sure she was the one to sort me out ! I was a bit nervous and embarrassed by the dreadful mess of out-dated or unsuitable clothes in my wardrobe : but Lynne put me at ease straight away with her cheerful, light hearted approach. She got to know me very quickly and easily and it was like spending time with a good friend, the whole experience was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I really needed Lynne’s help with colour choice and style and I found it very liberating to be given permission to say goodbye to so many clothes I hardly used to wear.Thank you so much Lynne, I now love to open the doors to my tidy wardrobe and it’s good to know I have a choice of clothes that really suit me and my lifestyle. Am looking forward to a shopping trip with you too, very soon!”


“I’m so glad that I decided to find someone to help me sort out my wardrobe and that the someone was you! It was a process that I’ve wanted to do for years and never had the guts to do it. You made the process easy, fun and exciting. The wardrobe edit was a revelation, with you explaining why certain colours were good, others draining. Also understanding that my shape is actually not bad when dressed properly was great and boosted my confidence no end.Then the shopping trip (on the hottest day of the year) something I normally hate and avoid by buying online or not trying things on, was amazing. I can’t believe we only went into 6 shops and I got so much that I love…..I’ve never ever shopped like that! I tried on a multitude of things and again learnt what to avoid and not to reject things without trying them on first.

Thank you so much for all your kindness and help, not just picking items for me to try and taking the discarded things and hanging them back on hangers (a treat in itself !) but treating me with respect and as if we were old friends. You are such a joy giver!

The only problem I can see is that I’m never going to want to go shopping on my own again!”


“Lynne, it was such a wonderful experience to go shopping with you today. To make the process of picking key pieces that look fabulous seem effortless is a real talent. Thank you so much for your time, experience and all round loveliness. I felt you totally understood me, my style and my budget. You give confidence and reassurance when needed, but also the knowledge to know when to encourage a splurge and when to hold back or seek out a different source.

When I went to Fenwicks afterwards and had a look at the clothes, it was horrible! Without you there felt like my right arm had been removed!

Thank you lovely Lynne for a superb day. I learned so much from you and feel more confident with my appearance.”


“Thank you so so much for this morning!! So pleased with everything!! Just tried the jeans on again and really love them!! Fabulous buys!! So happy! U r amazing xxx”


“Met Lynne for a re-vamp on my wardrobe. My wife had enjoyed working with Lynne on her wardrobe and was very enthusiastic about the experience so I thought I’d give it a go. The day started with Lynne going through my existing wardrobe and getting rid of unsuitable items based on age, style and colour. We then went shopping to buy some new items – the great thing was we only went into 3 different shops and managed to get everything we wanted. The whole experience was extremely enjoyable. Lynne is a very nice lady and makes confident decisions about what what looks good! Her input was really appreciated – thoroughly recommended.”


“What a lady! Thank you for a spectacular day of wardrobe sorting and shopping. After collating clothes for years, and having kept clothing which I wore through all three of my pregnancies, a wardrobe edit was just what I needed. I’d often looked in the wardrobe, shut it and just put on the usual pair of jeans and top that I knew fitted and worked, or remained in lycra for the day after my work outs so I didn’t have to think about what I could wear. Lynne has given me a whole new Autumn/ Winter wardrobe and I now feel I can shower and change before a school pick up. I’m feeling confident about going out and purchasing clothing for a Spring/Summer wardrobe too. I now know my style and the colours that work for my skin tone. Thank you Lynne!”


“What an enlightening and enjoyable morning with the fabulous Lynne Meek editing my wardrobe! This was a truly wonderful experience, not just to help me clear out a massive pile of clothes that were completely unsuitable for me but also to teach me the skills that I need to better style myself. Ladies and gents, if you want to feel fabulous in your clothes you need to get Lynne round for half a day at least! Her skills and knowledge are invaluable, coupled with the fact that she is the most lovely lady. Thank you Lynne. I can’t wait for our shopping trip!”


“Lynne I just wanted to thank you again for the most wonderful day. You are such fun to spend time with and I can’t tell you how much I love my purchases. I feel that the day out really boosted me and I feel so positive today and ready to tackle anything! ”


“Thank you, Lynne, for a truly fabulous day of shopping and pampering. I have to admit that I was a little nervous driving down to Tunbridge Wells. And I was regretting not losing that last half a stone – as if it would make a difference. But I really needn’t have worried. From the start, you put me at ease and I had SO much fun. From our coffee and chat over colours, styles and our plan of attack to the final outfit, you made me feel nothing short of gorgeous. Wow, what a lucky girl I am and so very, very grateful. I felt like a princess – at my age! I had so many comments from friends at the weekend about how great I looked. They were so jealous when I told them of my day. Everyone needs a Lynne Meek in their life!”


“Lynne Meek is a fantastic Personal Stylist. She quickly understood who I am and what I needed and the clothes found were spot on. I am so thrilled with the results! On top of this, spending the day with Lynne is great fun. I had the best day and Lynne will certainly be the first person I call for next time!”


“What a great time I had. We started off with a coffee and then made for the shops. We went to a Danish shop, lovely and helpful people and as we knew what we really wanted colour wise, I bought the bulk of my purchases there! Unbelievably reasonable prices! Next popped into Mint Velvet to just look (joke) and staggered in to a cafe for a quick sandwich. By then I felt I couldn’t walk any further but managed to get a pair of boots.

The whole experience was just wonderful. It was done all for me with no pressure whatsoever. Lynne also edited my wardrobe before we went shopping (so liberating). I know that most people say that they can throw things out themselves but to have Lynne do it – wow!! Again no pressure but to see an old skirt that has been with me for years and years but never worn (kept just in case) it was gone! Thank you Lynne for such a wonderful experience. I am now de-cluttered, liberated and ready for invitations to show off all my beautiful clothes!”

Vera x

“My wife suggested I meet with Lynne after loving her own style consultation with her. I was very reluctant initially but after a few months of “gentle” persuasion (including highlighting the number of male clients Lynne has worked with), I decided to swallow my pride and take the plunge. Lynne’s easy going and relaxed nature immediately put me at ease and turned a potentially embarrassing and intimidating experience into an enjoyable and efficient process. After sorting through my wardrobe we headed off to buy some replacements and I found Lynne’s advice and guidance to be excellent. For someone who doesn’t like shopping, I was amazed at how quickly the day went (with a spot of lunch in the middle) and we got everything needed in only three shops given Lynne’s knowledge. My wife loved all the new clothes and even my boys were impressed. I highly recommend Lynne to any man, especially those without the time or inclination to go shopping. Lynne is gifted at what she does and it is a really efficient and painless process.”


“After nearly a decade of being a stay at home mum to my 3 children, I marked my youngest’s first full day at primary school with day with Lynne. The day really was everything I had hoped it would be – good fun, relaxed and I came away with everything we had decided I needed. What I really liked about Lynne was that she didn’t try to impose any sort of style on me. She clocked straight away the type of clothes I like to wear and feel comfortable in and helped me to chose some great new items that I know I will get loads of wear out of on a daily basis. Plus a few items that I am looking forward to wearing when I go out! Her colours analysis really only confirmed the sort of colours that I feel I look best in, but having someone say it in such clear terms was a real eye-opener and means that I can now shop in a much more efficient way and find some good items even if I am short of time. I look forward to another trip with Lynne in the spring!”


 “Lynne went through my Mum’s wardrobe at the start of the summer. She was incredibly kind, patient and encouraging and my mum has looked fab ever since! She’s finally wearing all of her clothes, I can’t believe how much confidence it has given her (she lacked confidence before) and it’s all due to Lynne. I would really highly recommend her! It’s going to be my turn next! Xxx”


“Do call Lynne if your wardrobe is stuck in a rut, you don’t want to buy yet another mistake, you need help knowing what suits you or you don’t have the time or inclination to trail round endless shops or all of these! She is brilliant. End of.”


“I had the most lovely day with you yesterday, thank you. You put everything into your work and have set up an amazing and unique role for yourself focusing on that person beneath the clothes!Through our life experiences I believe if you follow your heart you find your own unique role and special role and you have certainly done that and you are so well placed to do the work that you do. You sensitivity unveil characteristics about a person, in a way in which you probably don’t know you can do, and yet you are also free to share appropriate bits of yourself so the client doesn’t feel the focus is on them too much. I think it’s brilliant how you work!

I am very grateful to open up my wardrobes this morning and see clarity and colour and do not feel an ounce of sadness for letting 3 huge bin bags of clothing go. How refreshing. So thank you so much Lynne, it was so lovely to meet you. I really look forward to our shopping outing!”


“I just wanted to recommend Lynne Meek to everyone after we spent the day together – an early 40th bday pressie from my husband. We spent the morning sorting out my disastrous wardrobe then had fun shopping in the afternoon for some bits after discovering what colours and styles actually suit me! I was a bit apprehensive at first (think Trinny and Suzanna!) but Lynne very quickly put me at ease and tactfully helped me get rid of 4 black bags of stuff that I just wasn’t wearing. The shopping part was great fun too as Lynne picked out some amazing bits that I probably would never have though of trying on myself. What an amazing day with my very own Style Advisor! Thank you Lynne for making it such an enjoyable experience. I hope we can do some more shopping in the future! ”


“Lynne Meek has changed my life … for the better. Wardrobes analysed and edited (which they needed). I’ve now got bundles of space in my wardrobe and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted! Why, oh why, did I take so long to do this? Out with the old stuff and space to be free. Wonderful morning with a wonderful lady. Thank you Lynne  ‪#‎freedom‬ ‪#‎lastdecade‬ ‪#‎relief‬ ‪#‎happybird‬”


“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me last Friday. As you know, I was finding it impossible to find the “wow” dress to help give me confidence for an upcoming event. The help that you had previously given me in our wardrobe edit and shopping trip has been invaluable, and now I needed help again to move a little further out of my comfort zone! Our trip to London was the squall combination of lovely, girly time mixed with a bit of therapy and some giggles! Needless to say, I came away with an entire wow outfit and a real boost so that I can now look forward to the event with pleasure instead of trepidation. It also helps that my husband loves the outfit too!!”


“You are SO fab, Lynne. I really enjoyed it today – trailing around after you as you pick out lovely clothes, was perfection. I love it that you have gently moved me into new areas, whilst still keeping the ‘essence of me’. You made the day really fun and thank you for running around after me.”


“Lynne, I wanted to say thank you properly for our Friday shopping experience. Your friendly, non judgemental nature meant that, even though I was nervous, I enjoyed every minute. Talking with you made me realise why I found it so hard to shop and now I find myself looking forward to the next time! I have been wearing out my new clothes already! They seem to pull all my other clothes together. So I find myself thinking how easy it is to dress and I actually like what I’m wearing. I can’t tell you how much that impacts positively in my day. So thank you, thank you.”


“What a phenomenal time!!! Wonderfully liberating wardrobe edit with unknown territory and new ideas to explore. I can’t thank you enough. I just loved finding out what can be done with the clothes I have with a little tweaking here and there and, most importantly, knowing what suits my shape and colouring.While talking to my husband about the day, I realised that what you’ve done is given me the confidence that I can look good; something I don’t believe I’ve ever felt. Can’t wait until our shopping trip and I’ll be looking at fashions in shops and on the Internet with much more interest in the meanwhile.  Once again, thank you so much.”



“Where to start…. after a truly wonderful day with Lynne I can’t praise her and her advice more highly, she made me feel so relaxed as if we’d known each other for years. I received this as a present from my daughter, I think trying to tell me something – stuck in a rut at 50 but no more!! I arrived  a country bumpkin and went home a rock chick, thank you Lynne for giving me the confidence.”


“I had a fantastic wardrobe edit today with the absolutely wonderful Lynne Meek. Can’t praise her highly enough – knows her stuff and nailed what I like, am like, need and want in an instant – sadly though, it was as I thought .. My wardrobe is lamentable  it was a huge catharsis though. The caterpillar has gone into its cacoon, ready for the butterfly to emerge. Bring on the Renaissance! ”


“A big thank you! All my items have been placed in my organised wardrobe and I have mentally planned the outfits! Very excited about wearing them all. They all go together so well – a perfect capsule wardrobe.”


“Lynne thank you for today it was great fun. Your expert knowledge and advice is invaluable, like golddust! I feel inspired and just adore all the fabulous clothes. And the best bit is its so hassle free. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much x”


“Thank you Lynne for the wardrobe edit it really has transformed my life! Packing for holiday was easy & my clothes are no longer creased! I can’t stop peeking into wardrobes to see how organised they are! You are a marvel thank you xx”


“I have been fortunate enough to have the most wonderful day shopping with the amazing Lynne Meek. I got so many beautiful clothes and accessories that I may just be that girl who has to change outfits at least twice a day!  What a wonderful birthday gift!!I was so excited when I finally got to have another look at it all at home – it was like Christmas morning.  Thanks again Lynne, it’s truly amazing, wish I’d done it before! It was the best day, I’m still buzzing! xx”


“Thank you so much for all your help, I really enjoyed the day and everything looks great! You made a middle aged bald man feel very good about himself!!”


“Today was a day I will remember for a long time to come. I went from feeling like a frumpy mummy, confused about colours/shapes and textures and left with some amazing items of clothing, ideas and a serious skip in my step! If you are considering getting Lynne to help you, DO IT, and do it now. It’s the most amazing experience and you will be smiling from ear to ear when you are done.”


“Hi Lynne. Thanks so much for yesterday. I not only had a lovely day but also found colours and styles I’d probably not have chosen. I have to admit I was a little sceptical, as whenever I go shopping locally I can’t see anything to buy, but with your guidance managed to find a ton of complimentary pieces. As a bloke I was also a little nervous that the personal stylist approach was only for women, but was pleasantly surprised now much I enjoyed the day and learned about what suits me. I’d happy recommend you to anyone.”


“I’ve just had a fabulous day shopping with Lynne. Not only is she an absolute pleasure to spend the day with but she’s so knowledgeable about how to dress your shape and which colours suit you best. She’s totally revamped my tired old wardrobe whilst still making me feel like myself and I feel amazing! Thank you so much Lynne! Highly recommend everyone to shop with her!”


“Having booked myself a treat of a styling day with Lynne I was hugely excited to finally hear what a professional had to say about the very select items hanging gracefully in my wardrobe, rather than my wonderfully opinionated and frustratingly gorgeous teenage daughters.  Lynne sensitively took me through styles, shapes and colours suited to my body shape, colouring and lifestyle; a process that proved to be extremely and quite surprisingly cathartic.

Our shopping expedition took us to the quiet streets of Tunbridge Wells where I was introduced to a ‘grown up’ style of shopping. Neck lines to compliment, bust seems to enhance and trouser lengths to elongate. How delighted I am to be learning how to feel comfortable in my ‘older’ skin draped with some stylish and sensuous fabrics.

My newly stocked minimalist wardrobe is at worst classy and at best life changing. My day with Lynne was most certainly the start of a new beginning and what a perfect person to have shared the milestone with.

Lynne is truly professional, sensitive, classy, stylish, knowledgeable and a true ambassador for supporting the local economy.  The best advice of the day came from my youngest teenage daughter and was directed to Lynne – “keep your phone on as mum will be back” – and I will!”


“Thank you again for Tuesday. I started packing for honeymoon yesterday and am so happy with what I am taking. For once I don’t feel like I am missing a vital piece (or 10!) I have the perfect capsule wardrobe and can step into first-class on the plane feeling great! You have really restored my confidence and given me great guidance going forwards – and it was fun too! The only downside was the damage to my bank balance as I got a bit carried away, however it was worth it!”


“Lynne, just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful experience. The wardrobe edit and shopping days were amazing and really were an eye opener. I feel like it has brought me back up to date with clothing after years of being in the dark! I actually felt rather trendy for the first time in a long time! It brought back the fun in shopping and I feel renewed with my interest in myself and clothes. I have now been given a toolkit of what to look for and how to dress my shape! It is such a relief to have cracked the trouser department as I have never quite got that right.I did a mini fashion show last night for Shaun and my father in law and they were rather impressed with my new look. Shaun’s dad said it made me look younger! Shaun was very impressed too (the trousers especially) and was asking all sorts of questions about what I loved etc and would I now know what to look for in jeans/trousers etc. So all in all one very satisfied customer!”


“Lynne, finally a moment to sit down and say thank you so much yesterday for a very enjoyable and informative day! Gary loved everything we had purchased and particularly the dress. I did not show it to him before hand and just put it on. I did however show my Mum who like me turned her nose up at it. However once on, she said how lovely it looked! The moral of the story here is it may not have hanger appeal so listen to the expert! I wore the blue striped top today with another pair of white shorts and the new shoes. I LOVE the new shoes! So glad we went back for those. The jacket again was a big favourite with Gary. Thanks once again Lynne. Hopefully I will see you again next year!”


“Lynne thank you for a fantastic day. I am so happy with all my purchases and they have slotted into my existing wardrobe perfectly!!! I no longer have the problem of not knowing what to wear, but now have so much choice!! Thanks again and I will definitely be in touch as autumn approaches!”


“I have recently experienced a wardrobe edit with Lynne followed by a separate shopping trip. The whole thing was completely liberating (and slightly embarrassing when I was apologising as pulling out some of the old clothes that have sat at the back of my drawers for years!) and I am looking at my wardrobe in a new light. There are colours I will now wear with confidence and nearly all the clothes I bought on our shopping trip are items I would never have felt brave enough to even try on in a shop, let alone buy … and I love them! Lynne is so much fun and down to earth and has helped me choose clothes that complement my personality as well as my figure! Thank you Lynne xxxx”


“My lovely husband treated me to a day with the very talented Lynne Meek – my wardrobe is de cluttered to the max and I feel liberated! I can not recommend Lynne highly enough! Now looking forward to seeing my gorgeous family and friends tomorrow for a little bit of celebrating in my fab new clothes :))) xxx”


“Lynne, I can’t thank you enough for your help in (a) culling my wardrobe (which was years overdue and well worth it!) and (b) the most enjoyable shopping trip today. You had me sussed down to a ‘T’ and introduced me to some new shops with lovely clothes etc at more affordable prices than I am used to! Everyone should have a session with you. I hope to have another one in the Autumn and for anyone who is sceptical or thinks that your fee is too much of a luxury, I would say that that person would save the money by buying items which will suit them and might well be cheaper than they are used to (on the basis that you know where to look!) and because it would save those expensive mistakes we all make from time to time! Above all, I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you very much indeed.”

Sarah J

“I was recently asked by Lynne to model in a charity fashion show that she was organising. Lynne got me out of my comfort zone and into some clothes I would have never thought of trying but loved wearing. As a result I decided to have a wardrobe edit with her and I found it really educational, enlightening and enjoyable. I learnt so much about the colours I should wear and why, and it has given me lots of ideas about shapes and styles to look for in the future. My wardrobe is far more streamlined and organised now and it also became clear where the gaps were and why some items weren’t working.  As a result I booked a subsequent shopping trip with Lynne and I’m delighted with all the new clothes I came away with!”

Jayne Torvill – Ice Skater

“Lynne, I really couldn’t go away without saying an absolute huge thank you for yesterday. I have been upstairs for the last 2 hours having a mini fashion show and just cannot believe how fab the clothes are and how grateful I am. Those All Saints trousers – well quite frankly I LOVE them and just would never ever had looked at something like that. I could go on and on and on and to be honest am a little bit scared about our financial future as I would quite like you to move in with me now!! But I most certainly will be recommending you to everyone (just don’t show them those trousers) and absolutely will be having you back again!!You have completely gotten my style and seem to know me better than me, but honestly I am just so happy. The jackets and tops and even the shoes – such a last minute purchase but perfect! Thank you so so much again hopefully see you soon.”


“Lynne I would really like to say thank you for last Friday. It was great fun and I think all the outfits you selected really suit me and my lifestyle. I don’t look at my wardrobe with dread anymore. You are a real asset to both me and those wonderful businesses in Tunbridge Wells. I would never stepped foot into Bod & Ted without you. I look forward to coming up to Kent again for my winter wardrobe. I did end up going and getting that handbag to finish off the look. Thank you once again.”


“Why I waited so long is what I am now wondering! Quite literally building a new wardrobe made me think it was high time I had some help in making sure that what went in the new wardrobe were clothes that I actually wear. Lynne came highly recommended and having met her a few times knew she would be just the breath of fresh air I needed. She was all that and more. I have had two sessions with Lynne now. In the first one she was a wonderful combination of warmth, fun and frankness and helped me streamline a wardrobe bulging with clothes I should have got rid of a long time ago. She advised me on colours, styles and basics that I needed and as a result I have shopped so differently. I now buy things that I love, that suit me, and that work with the other clothes I have. Gone are the days of wear once (or not at all!) and then languish in a pile of guilt!I find summer dressing, particularly for work, quite difficult so for my second session after a quick look through the wardrobe (so I could show off that I have continued in my new organised habits!) Lynne took me shopping. It was fantastic. I tried on things I wouldn’t otherwise have tried on. I discovered brilliant shops right on my doorstep that I had never been in. I got great advice on shapes, combinations and where to invest in good quality long lasting pieces. I came home with some fabulous clothes and accessories that I love and will work with the things I already have. And as with last time, I have a clear sense of what to look for when I go shopping on my own.So as well as a great day with a lovely lady, and some very exciting shopping bags, I will be dressing much more comfortably and confidently this summer. I will save money because I’ll be making less mistakes. And I will save time because I won’t have wasted shopping trips, and I can grab things from my wardrobe and know they will work together. Lynne is warm, professional, has a great eye and is all about who you are and what you need as an individual. And a fab lady to spend a day with. Thank you!”


Just to say a HUGE thank you for a great day on Thurs – the joy of sorting things out finally was very cathartic! I definitely wouldn’t have done it without you… I wore my blue dress to work today with the denim shirt and ankle boots you suggested – it was perfect  Better than it sitting in the wardrobe unworn for the last year as it had and probably would have continued to do!! Looking forward to our shopping day – am v excited…!


“Hi Lynne – thank you sooo much for such a fab day yesterday! I love all the new pieces and so does Tom (plus didn’t mind me being slightly over budget!). I went for dinner last night in my lovely jeans, white t shirt and my new favourite jacket and felt so confident – that doesn’t happen too often! I gave your details to my friend last night who may book you in for her husband and I don’t think Tom will be far behind! Thanks again – I’m already thinking of the next time!”


“Thanks again for an amazing day. You are the clothes conjuror, the wardrobe wizard and an absolute diamond.”


“Lynne you are so amazingly talented at finding those special one off pieces that sell out quickly , give your wardrobe personality and that you will always love…but you never forget all those essential basics – love my Zara pieces too ! I had the most fantastic day !!! Thanks for all your care and attention to detail and focus too! I am a very lucky girl and will feel wonderfully confident now where ever I go ! Roll on spring summer xxx”


“Lynne – as ever, thank you so much for being utterly amazing, loads of fun, and for getting me out of my comfort zone (again). You’re completely ace and I had a brilliant day today … as I knew I would.”


“Last week I had the most amazing day. Lynne came over and we did a wardrobe edit in the morning and looked at my colours. By the time we had finished I felt cleansed of all my old and unflattering clothes plus she managed to pull together some great outfits from things I already had but had never thought about putting together. In the afternoon we hit the shops. Lynne seemed to understand exactly what kind of clothes I like but didn’t always have the confidence to buy and we found some fantastic pieces – like my amazing leather jacket!. Lynne was always honest which was so refreshing and gave me the confidence to wear my new outfits. I can’t thank her enough and I’m looking forward to another wardrobe edit and shopping day again soon!”

Joanna P

“I have had the most exhilarating day. I spend so much of my time keeping the show on the road for the business, for the kids and my own work that there hasn’t been much time to think about myself. The day was a chance to think about something completely different. Lynne was such lovely company and truly brilliant at her job. She didn’t laugh at the sparse wardrobe that I showed her but with so little to go on I wondered if I had asked too much of Lynne. We had a fairly wide remit – build a new a collection of clothes that I can wear on the school run but dress up for client meetings and evenings out.
As I said to Lynne at the end it’s like shopping with a really good friend (great chat and company) but who chooses clothes that suit your figure and your style. I had such a high as the first shop we bought a handbag and a jacket that became the start of my new look. The rest came in a blur of purchases and excitement and right at the end the most amazing coat, I was and am on such a high. I’m back home, playing cards with the kids (who didn’t really miss me) and can’t wait to get my purchases out of the car and try them all on. Reckon I might be smiling all week. Best Mother’s Day ever.”



“Lynne, Thank you for a great day shopping yesterday. You gave me the confidence to choose some gorgeous pieces that I would never have picked out myself and now I am going to be spoilt for what to wear!! I now have a selection of different and more up to date clothes to my usual safe choices!! Will see you soon for my summer wardrobe edit!!”


“Thank you for such fun day! It was so satisfying to pull out some of the old things from my wardrobe that I’ve kept for over a decade but never worn and simply get rid of them. My wardrobe is almost as tidy as my husband’s now and it’s so much easier to see what I’ve got and understand what to put with what to pull an outfit together. Knowing what my colours are is also really helpful and will stop me buying ad hoc pieces that don’t suit me and my colouring. Thank you for being my shopping companion and showing me some great independent shops, I’ll definitely be going back to them all again. I’d highly recommend this for anyone, it’s really made me think about what I’m going to put on and how to put an outfit together but most importantly it’s really good fun and nice to spend a bit of time and money on yourself to make you feel better about how you look. Thanks for your help Lynne. I’ll definitely give you a shout for the next shopping trip!”

Claire C

“Oh my life Lynne, what a crazy brilliant job you did with him. He looks hot! Xx”

Andrea (after I took her husband shopping)

“Thank you so much Lynne for the most amazing personal shopping experience. I am now the extremely proud owner of some beautiful pieces to add to and compliment my existing wardrobe (that you so brilliantly edited with me last week). I still smile from ear to ear when I think of ‘that’ outfit. I truly wouldn’t have chosen any of those individual items, yet when put together the outcome left me speechless. I can’t wait to buy my spring/summer wardrobe with you xxx”


“Hiya, thought I’d update you further to our shopping trip the other day. I nailed the job interview! Through to third, and hopefully final round now. He even commented on how coordinated I was. Never had that happen in an interview before! And then…… Man walking past me at London Bridge station, in his 50s, stopped me and told me I was stunning and had taken his breath away. He was very nice and it did make me feel great. Just goes to show the power of a flattering outfit. Thanks a million Xxx”


“Thank you so much for my amazing wardrobe edit! It is now a joy to open my wardrobe in the mornings! Deep down I knew the dresses I wore as a teenager had to go (?!) but they would still be sitting gathering dust bunnies if you hadn’t given me the nudge I needed. Now I’m looking forward to filling up the gaps again !!”

Sarah P

“Doing a styling edit with Lynne is a bit like having your best friend critique your wardrobe. Within half an hour it feels like she’s known you for years, and gives insight and ideas that that are eye-opening and valuable. She is a great listener and works within your comfort zone, so you feel confident about the decisions being made and understand the observations being made. I would highly recommend Lynne – she is a lovely person, brilliant at her job, and I wish I’d seen her years ago.”


“Hi Lynne! Or should I say my fairy godmother!!! Thank you so so so much for today. It was amazing. I couldn’t have found a more perfect stylist. You completely got me in every way. It’s still overwhelming and I feel like I’m floating. I really do. So again a huge thank you. I really look forward to meeting again, this is only the beginning!”


“Do you open your wardrobe (or in my case look on my bannister) every morning and think, what can I get away with wearing today? If so, you need a day with Lynne Meek. I’ve just got back from the most amazing day with her. Spent a couple of hours looking through my wardrobe and the rest of the day in TW looking at clothes and buying them after doing my colours. We stuck to the strict budget and got loads of items. What a difference. Feel a million dollars. At one point I didn’t recognise my legs in the mirror! Great value for money. It was like shopping with my best friend, she “got” me immediately and knew exactly what I needed. Such a confidence boost. Now to clear out 80% of my wardrobe (not been shopping since falling pregnant with my 20 month old twins). Some items go back 10 years! Thank you Lynne. Feel very spoilt.”


“If you’re in need of a wardrobe edit or wardrobe update post baby or babies I would highly recommend Lynne Meek at Styling Matters. Had a fab day with her today getting some clothes to update my very sorry wardrobe. She is good fun and really puts you at your ease. I felt a million dollars tonight in some of my beautiful clothes.  Hubby was very impressed. (Said I looked trendy:) I think he’s thinking of having some time with her too. So watch this space  Hope to see her again soon.”


“Thank you for doing my wardrobe edit! I have been singing your praises and telling my friends what a fab job you did. I have worn the jacket/top combo a couple of times now and feel fab in it, also now feel that my wardrobe is more up to date and reflects my personality.  Thanks again!”


“Thank you ​so much for my exciting morning shopping.​ Having radically pruned my wardrobe with you it was fun to start the process of restocking and it was great to have your eye and your knowledge of the ​local ​shops. ​I came home delighted with my purchases​ and looking forward to more confident shopping and dressing in the future.”

Ann S.

“Just unpacked and hung up all my stuff and there isn’t one thing that we bought today that I changed my mind about. I love every item. Great achievement and am very excited about wearing my new clothes.  I think this is definitely the best way and most cost effective way to shop as all the pieces work together and I know I’ll wear everything. No more wardrobe horrors or fashion disasters for me!!! I have had another wonderful day with you. You are so easy to be with and your giving spirit shines through. I haven’t felt this good for ages. Thanks a billion.”


“Sorry that this is very belated but thank you for a really great shopping experience!! My 12 year old absolutely loves the blouse I bought in Isle Jacobsen saying she can’t wait until she fits into my clothes. Feel she will be wanting a shopping experience in the not too distant future lol x”


“I was looking at my wardrobe this morning and thinking what a difference a year makes! Gone are the power suits, dowdy colours & unflattering shapes. Now colour, bit of sparkle & some great day to evening pieces. All thanks to my wardrobe edit and shopping trip with you, and your styling evenings!”


This is a photograph of Justine’s current wardrobe after her sessions with Lynne Meek


“Thank you for an amazing day helping me rediscover my own clothes and breathing new life into my wardrobe. I just love looking at my clothes and shoes now. You have given me a real boost and some brilliant styling advice. Am ready to start being a new me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Lynne Meek is a shopping legend!! I spent a very valuable and fun few hours this week with Lynne, after years of not spending much time or money on clothes for myself. I had become lost in practical work clothes. With Lynne’s expertise and guidance I now have the beginnings of a much smarter wardrobe and a better understanding of the styles and colours to look out for. I have bought some fab new clothes for which I could have searched for hours and still never found. Birthday monies very well invested! Time spent with Lynne was hugely cost and time effective and she knew just what to pick out so I still feel like me. Everyone should have a Lynne in their lives – highly recommended! Oh, and the wardrobe clear out process is great as well!”


“I have been lucky enough to have both a wardrobe edit and a half day shopping trip with Lynne. I can now wear the clothes in my new, streamlined, beautiful wardrobe with the confidence that the colour, style and shape reflect who I am. I have a great capsule collection now that I can create a multitude of outfits with. Lynne has given me many styling tips that I will continue to refer to. Lynne knows what she is talking about and her honesty is refreshing! Fashion faux-pas will (hopefully) be a thing of the past. There will be no unworn disaster in my wardrobe. Styling aside, I had a very enjoyable time with Lynne too!”


“I loved the Pure styling evening! You are so good at these things, subtle and wise in your guidance – like that scarf!! A colour I would never have dreamt of, but perfect. Clever, beautiful girl xx”

Sarah S

“Thanks for a lovely day yesterday. It was great to spend some more time with you and a huge bonus that I got so much. Yet again I have managed to get rid of a few bags of old stuff and feel that my wardrobe is actually starting to look more current and colourful. I really do appreciate your help, advice, patience and companionship.”


“Thank you so much for taking me shopping yesterday and for the internet links you sent afterwards. I was admiring all my lovely new clothes yesterday evening! I’m really pleased with them all and it’s such a treat to have a complete wardrobe refresh! Thanks Lynne.”

Sarah M

“Lynne’s ability to understand her clients needs together with their personality means that she is truly able to use her knowledge and experience to create great results. She has given me the confidence to move forward and celebrate being the person that I really am and in doing so I have stopped wasting valuable time and money on buying clothes that were not fit for purpose. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone wanting to bring out the best in themselves.”

Anna Daniels (Director – Daniels Fitness Group)

“I’d just like to thank you again for the fantastic shopping day we had together. You completely put me at ease and it felt as though you were a dear friend. I loved the day and you have given me so much confidence to shop. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. Thank you again Lynne.”


“OMG Lynne, I’ve just got both the blue and white Pieszak jeans from Ilse Jacobsen – you’re right, they are AMAZING!! Thanks so much, I just had to tell you, I’m so thrilled they fit! And sooo excited about my tailor made leather jacket which I pick up tomorrow! Thanks for everything.”


“Imagine going shopping with your best friend. That best friend gives great advice; knows what suits you & what doesn’t, is honest, challenges you in the right way, has endless patience & is someone you can have a giggle with. That’s what shopping with Lynne is all about. I’ve come away with outfits I know how to wear, and colours & shapes I know suit me. It’s such a boost & great fun.  Lynne has boosted my confidence so much. I felt so special afterwardsand every day on my holiday I’ve had compliments. One lady in a shop I know even texted me to say how fab I looked! To be honest I didn’t know that the right clothes in the right colours could make that much difference but they do!!”


“Hi Lynne, I’ve ordered the top you sent the link for – I think it will go well with so many of my clothes. I really enjoyed the shopping trip and am very happy with my new wardrobe full of lovely clothes! I wore the Ilse Jacobsen dress to a wedding last weekend. I felt very confident and got lots of lovely compliments.Thanks again for all your help.”

Sarah B

“Interesting how my shopping has changed since my wardrobe edit with you – many more brighter colours! And I managed to sell quite a few things on eBay which was good!  I very much enjoyed the shopping experience too and didn’t expect to come away having ordered a bespoke leather jacket just for me! Really looking forward to getting it and will send a photo.Will definitely use your services in the future. Thanks for everything.”


“At the age of 28, you don’t think you are going to need styling, but I had reached a stage when I really felt I needed some guidance. The pressure to always look good in your appearance is quite dominating when growing up and  I really felt that I looked drab, boring and unstylish.  A change of job and circumstances sparked me to contact Lynne. I found her on Twitter accidentally and booked a wardrobe edit. She came in and although she did clear out a lot of my wardrobe, she was extremely complimentary and immediately made me feel at ease. We then booked in a shopping trip in Tunbridge Wells which proved to be a huge success and a thoroughly enjoyable morning out. Not only did she pick out some pieces I would never of thought to try on, let alone buy, the items that I did purchase are key pieces that I can accessorise with.  I now have a fun exciting wardrobe and feel like I have been styled. If you have any doubt in booking Lynne, don’t. She will make you feel a million dollars! Thank you Lynne!”


“I had such an enjoyable time with Lynne. Her ideas for colours, styles and fabrics were so enlightening. After having spent 4 years in the wilderness having a child, being a working mother and prioritising everything other than myself; I had lost my way.  I was in a rut of buying clothes for comfort and not style and I felt completely out of touch with fashion. Thanks to a wardrobe audit I could start to see where I was going wrong, and the massive clear-out was more therapeutic than I expected. Then a day’s retail therapy helped restore my shopping mojo. It was great fun and I have ended up with some beautiful pieces. I am so happy with my purchases and the feedback from friends and family has been amazing. Everyone should have a Lynne in their lives. I would highly recommend her services.”


“Thank you for such a fabulous shopping day! You are such a beautiful person, on the inside and out and I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed. Have a great and relaxing weekend, you deserve it!!”


“Hi Lynne. Thank you so much for the last two days, it has been so much fun and so helpful. I am very excited I feel really empowered by the whole thing and feel like I have a much clearer idea of my own identity. I am looking forward to things in my diary as opposed to feeling stressed by them. Had a great night last night, I wore my new jeans and they were great. I was singing your praises last night so you may get a few new clients!”


“I initially booked Lynne for a wardrobe edit which included lots of style and colour advice.  We went through most of my wardrobe and it felt very liberating!  We got rid of stuff that didn’t suit my shape or colouring and I also learned what I should be looking for when I am out shopping.  Lynne then gave my confidence in clothes shopping an enormous boost when she took me shopping for the day.  I now have a wardrobe that works for me and I feel amazing and inspired!”


“My wardrobe edit today with Lynne was amazing and so inspiring!! Lynne is an absolute professional, putting me at ease, listening to what I hoped to achieve from our session, explaining the rationale around colours and styles that suited me. By the end of the session my wardrobes were no longer bursting with clothes that didn’t suit me, but that I didn’t have the heart to part with. I feel so much more confident now about what to avoid when shopping and what flatters my shape and skintone. Above all, I had a great day and Lynne is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Thank you so much.”


“I just wanted to thank you so very, very much for all your hard work and ideas working with me over those two and a half days.  I had such an enjoyable time, and I’ve really learned and rediscovered a lot about my shape and style.  I’m hugely grateful for the confidence boost and I’m loving all my new clothes.  You are a hugely talented lady and I’m so grateful for your help.”


“What’s the best way to describe a wardrobe edit with Lynne? It’s a bit like a whirlwind through your wardrobe, but one that selectively throws out the things you had a niggling feeling weren’t quite right leaving you with a closet where you know anything you pick out will show you off to your best.  I finally understand why biscuit colours just don’t look right on me, despite me loving them on other people.  And having purchased a shade card I now have a handbag sized shopping companion to help me out with any dubious decisions I might be tempted to make in future. Lynne is a thoroughly lovely person, who has just helped me understand my wardrobe a lot better.  Having cleared out 3 bin bags of clothes and 2 of shoes, I am left with a wardrobe of beautiful items.  And best of all, none of it is shoved into the back of a drawer where I can forget about it.  I can’t recommend Lynne enough, and will definitely look forward to shopping for my spring/summer wardrobe with her!  Thanks!!”



“Wondering how to spend an evening with a difference with good friends? Look no further than Lynne Meek of Styling Matters. As a hostess you provide drinks and a few nibbles. Lynne will give loads of styling advice, make up tips, tricks with scarves and, with a great ease and sense of humour, make everything look glamorous! She will make sense of everything that has been hiding at the back of that wardrobe for far too long and give you lots of ideas that are simple, inexpensive and work!!! Since my styling party I have had messages from everyone saying what excellent value it was and how it’s inspired them. Many thanks Lynne, you must be a magic fairy in disguise!”


“Just had to say thank you for our shopping trip the other day.  I absolutely love all my clothes and feel great in them.  Had quite a few comments from my husband – it’s so unlike him to notice and I’m seriously wondering if he was a fly on the wall when we were shopping!  Last night I went out in one of the outfits you put together for me and I felt amazing!  It’s a joy to get dressed in the morning now.”


“I’m not a complete disaster on the dress-sense front but I knew that my winter wardrobe was looking incredibly sparse with my favourite items worn out and everything coloured black. The task of updating it all this autumn looked daunting and terribly expensive.  I definitely needed help and after meeting Lynne booked up for a day’s shopping at Bluewater.  Before we left she looked through my wardrobe for half an hour so we could work out what was needed.  Within a minute of entering the first shop Lynne had picked up two items, things I’d never have spotted, and so it continued.  It was so exciting trying and buying clothes that you knew were just right and looked great.  We didn’t go into really expensive shops at all and I came away with some fabulous things for a fraction of the price I usually pay. We concentrated on building a capsule, casual wardrobe of tops, jackets, accessories and shoes –and not just the boring stuff but quite a few jazzy items that certainly make me look a bit more with it!  I have my instructions on jeans and a few bits and pieces which I have yet to get but I am now enjoying having just the right things to wear! I love my new clothes and know that I have saved myself a fortune, but above all it was such good fun – Lynne is so easy going and didn’t make me feel awkward at all!”


“On a friend’s recommendation, I asked Lynne to help me with a wardrobe edit last month prompted by starting back in a work environment, post kids.  I had a wardrobe full of clothes from a few former lives – corporate business woman, fat mummy, slimmer mummy – but still mummy – and a handful of more interesting bits and pieces, but with a wardrobe bursting at the seams it was hard to find and put together an outfit.  I have never tried on so many clothes in one day, but what a cathartic – and hugely fun – experience! I shed a few layers, gave enormous bags of clothes to charity and now have a fabulous, fully functioning wardrobe.  Lynne managed to squeeze in a quick shopping trip with me a couple of days later to tick off some of the items we gathered on a wish list during the edit day (well quite a lot of lovely items actually!)  I had never been in River Island, and barely in Topshop, but combining basics from there with more expensive pieces from the High Street didn’t break the bank and I have pretty much everything I need now. When wandering around shops on my own (yes, I have shopped more…) I am now very clear on neckline, lengths of tops, accessorising and a number of other tips I gleaned from Lynne so am confidently making better choices in what I am buying on my own.”


“As a busy mum with a full time job, (not to mention hitting the big 40 this year) I not only found I didn’t have the time to shop, but I also struggled to understand what suited me anymore. As an interior designer I have plenty of confidence in styling interiors but when it came to myself I had definitely lost direction and become very safe in my style! So I was genuinely thrilled & relieved when my husband bought me a wardrobe edit with Lynne as part of my birthday pressie. We sifted through ‘the good, the bad and the darn right ugly’ and whilst doing so Lynne also worked out the shapes that suited my figure the best. Based on this and with a few gaps in my wardrobe I was totally convinced that a days shopping trip with Lynne would be a worthwhile investment. So we embarked on Bluewater. By lunch-time I had several outfits including basics and accessories – all under budget. Most importantly she gave me the confidence to purchase styles and colours I would never have the time or confidence to even consider and that I totally still feel ‘me’ in.  Not only have a got a great wardrobe for the first time in years but I’ve learnt some valuable principles of style that I know will save me lots of money in the future by avoiding those costly mistakes! Oh and the husband took a second take so that’s gotta be good too!”


“Thanks for a great day yesterday. Despite the daunting prospect of all that shopping and the potential impact on me – both mentally (confidence-wise) and physically (new look/style), you made the whole experience very easy and extremely enjoyable.  I really appreciated all your help and advice and it was brilliant having such a great companion – I’m sure your business will just keep going from strength to strength, you’re a natural! My husband loved everything which was a huge bonus and I was absolutely buzzing by the end of the evening.  Hopefully I will remember how to wear it all! Thanks a million once again. Your number is safely stored where I can share with others and hopefully use again later in the year. Wishing you continued success in your ventures.”


“Although I thought I knew what I liked and what suited me, over time I had amassed a bulging wardrobe with plenty of expensive mistakes and items that no longer fitted or were worn.  Lynne’s expertise and tactful, yet ‘bang on’, advice meant that by the end of my declutter I could not only close my wardrobe but also choosing outfits in the morning started to become a pleasure once more. I also rediscovered some long neglected treasures that were recruited back into action.  Some of the better discarded items were then shipped off to be sold at the dress agency, Carre Rouge. A few weeks later we went to Bluewater to buy a few seasonal updates to freshen up my wardrobe. I love everything I came away with, all items fitted well, flattered and complemented the existing items in my wardrobe and I know they will be well used. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne’s expertise to anyone whose wardrobe needs a new lease of life!”


“Thank you so much for an amazing day shopping. My Mum can’t stand shopping for clothes for herself, but she has just phoned me for the 3rd time today since we got home to say what an amazing day she had. She loves all her new clothes, and feels she can face the next decade being confident and stylish. She loved meeting you and keeps going on about how you are down to earth and so easy to be with.  Your styling tips were brilliant and we both learnt loads. My Mum loves how her new clothes fit with her current wardrobe, yet are things she would not have even tried on if it wasn’t for your gentle persuasion. Thanks again for enabling me to give my best friend a day she will always remember.“


“I really enjoyed my day with Lynne. She made such sense and showed me what styles suit me and colours that compliment. I highly recommend that if anyone is fed up with their wardrobe and really doesn’t know what to wear or buy, book a session with Lynne. She is a very canny shopper too and showed me how to change what I wear without costing a fortune. She does wardrobe edits as well as fashion advice and shopping trips. Look her up on her website for more information.“


“I met Lynne at a styling party she was running at a friend’s house – she made an immediate impression on me, was full of great tips and I came away inspired to sort out my bulging and dated wardrobe! Daunted by the task I asked Lynne for help with a wardrobe edit and am thrilled I did.  She has helped me transform my wardrobe from an overflowing mass of clothes, most of which I didn’t even realise how long it had been since I’d worn, to a streamlined collection that I love and know really suit me.  Lynne was amazing throughout and put me at ease from the start, she was flattering and confidence boosting and really made me look at myself the way others see me rather than through my constantly self-critical eyes but at the same time was honest and showed me what doesn’t suit me and the reasons why.  There was no pressure to get rid of anything and I felt totally comfortable saying ‘keep’ to a couple of things that might have otherwise gone onto the ‘throw’ pile.  I really valued the advice she gave me regarding the items she felt I needed to add to my wardrobe and I came away with a great understanding of what suits me (and what doesn’t!) and what I need to look out for – both in terms of everyday items and key pieces.  I’m convinced I will shop smarter in future and save a fortune on  the ‘mistake’ buys we all make from time to time.  I can’t thank Lynne enough and will be recommending her to all my friends.“


“With Mother’s Day on the horizon thought I’d share some “gossip” on Lynne Meek from Styling Matters and also celebrate the fact that my mum has written her first ever blog – go Mum!

What a great morning! My daughter bought me a voucher for a wardrobe edit as a Christmas present and it was with some trepidation that I phoned Lynne up to make an appointment. I had lost confidence in what to purchase when shopping as I wanted to look up to date but appropriate for my age which is a lot nearer to 70 than 60! She arrived, we sat and discussed my concerns then down to the business of going through my wardrobe. What a delightful lady! She immediately made me feel at ease. We looked at what I had got and styles and colours that suited me and she made suggestions of pieces to purchase to improve my wardrobe and what to send to the charity shop! By the evening she had emailed me a list of suggestions and even where to shop.  I am now looking forward to going on a shopping session with her to complete a fun and most enjoyable experience.  Thank you Lynne”

So if you are looking for an inspirational and unique present for someone…..look no further. My mum got so much out of this session both on an aesthetical and practical level and most importantly on an emotional/self-esteem level, it gave her a real boost = Money well spent!“


“I found out about Lynne really out of the blue and went to her website, as recently I had realised that due to a lot of life’s ups and downs happening in a short space of time, the toll of that had impacted on my self-esteem, image of myself and how I presented myself to the outside world.  Things needed to be done and time spent reversing this downward trend! I called Lynne and immediately felt that I had phoned an old friend after I began to describe my situation and how I felt. We hatched a plan to meet in Tunbridge Wells and I opted for the 4 hour trying on and shopping package.  On meeting Lynne I was immediately put at ease and felt confident in her expertise and ability to hone into what I needed for my body shape, colouring and lifestyle. We gathered all kinds of bargains and headed for the changing rooms. Even though I felt out of my comfort zone, because of being stuck in a rut and timewarp, I trusted Lynne and followed her promptings, skinny jeans, different tops and jackets. And it all came together and I left after a tiring and image altering 4 hours with some wonderful bargains, a good knowledge of what suits me and how to achieve the look for myself. Also, with plans to meet up again when needed in the Summer!  I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne to anyone from any walk of life. She took into account all the different aspects of my life and was able to come up with a few outfits that will be perfect for now and the knowledge to go it alone as well. Invaluable advice.“


“My name is Caroline and I am a hoarder! So when I heard about Lynne’s Wardrobe Edit Service through her personal styling business, Styling Matters, I knew I should ask her to help. However, I was quite worried about losing clothing and shoes that I had been hung onto over the last couple of decades.  Lynne put me totally at ease, going through my wardrobe and immediately appraising worth, style and ability to flatter (or not!), and I was surprised at how quickly I agreed to recycle previously unwearable but unthrow-outable things!  Lynne explained what suited me and how to resurrect items by a few alterations, and we rediscovered hidden treasures. I now have an enormous pile of donations to the charity shops and a lovely streamlined wardrobe, where I can see the items that I can actually wear at a glance.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne’s services.“


“WOW, we had the LM magic on my team with their amazing new look!!! Lynne had the wonderful challenge of styling an age group ranging from 18-59 yr olds and with sizes varying from 8-20. She created a masterpiece outfit, everyone looking gorgeous and delighted with their new look. She delivered with such flair and flexibility with everyone having completely different body shapes!

If she can keep these demanding ladies happy with their image, she can do wonders for you.

Highly recommended!!!!“

Fiona @ McQueen Hair & Beauty, Tunbridge Wells

“Spending a few hours with Lynne has totally revitalised how I see myself. She got to know me and gently suggested I try on different shapes and colours to show what really suited me.  I was on a total high afterwards. It gave me the ‘oomph’ I needed to feel good about how I looked again. Lynne is just a natural at this. Thank you Lynne!“


“Lynne is very elegant and inspires confidence. She is also tactfully honest and enthusiastic. These characteristics along with her kind and friendly approach make her wonderful to work with.  I met Lynne after having purged my wardrobe. I knew what I didn’t like and she introduced me to clothing that flattered my body and reflected my lifestyle and personality. It was a lot of fun and incredibly eye opening. I have recommended Lynne to my friends, family and patients!“

Jay Hill BDS